Nottingham’s Big Yellow Supporting the Friary


The Friary is extremely grateful to Nottingham’s Big Yellow Self Storage for their continued support as they provide free storage for the Friary to store donated items for the charity’s fundraising sales.

Every year the Friary caters for over 16,000 visits from local people who are in need of the charity’s advice, health and support services. The charity is very much a community orientated organisation with a high percentage of its resources, both financial and practical, coming from the local community. Donations of clothing, food and household items from the community enable the Friary to pass on practical support such as food or clothing parcels to local people in crisis which help address their basic needs whilst Friary advisors seek to address the more complex issues around housing, benefits or debt related issues. Our intention is always to relieve or prevent homelessness at the earliest opportunity and thereafter support and accompany individuals in their journey towards independence.

In addition to the practical support provided for our beneficiaries, donations from the community enable the Friary to run Fundraising Sales like the one in the picture which was carried out in partnership with the Vale of Belvoir Rotary Club in February 2019. These sales are sizeable endeavours with up to 200 people attending and each sale generating up to £1500 for the Friary’s charitable activities. Given the scale of these sales and the logistical operation attached to them, it is essential that the Friary is able to store all the donated stock efficiently and this is very much where Big Yellow’s support becomes so vital. Without the support provided by Big Yellow, the Friary would have no means of storing the sales stock and may, therefore, not be able to carry out the sales at all. we are therefore incredibly thankful for Big Yellow’s assistance which directly enables us to generate much needed financial resources which in turn enable the charity to offer in depth and personalised support to local homeless people like Michel who has had this to say about the Friary’s support:

I cannot praise it enough, it is fantastic. It’s taken me twenty years to get here and without Friary I would be one of the statistics you hear about on the news, begging and sleeping in doorways.

The Friary very much looks forward to continuing its relationship with Big Yellow and very much welcomes the opportunity to work with them in empowering local homeless people to rebuild their lives.


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A reminder that we are calling #Nottingham Business Leaders for this year's #CEOsleepoutNottingham. The event will take place on #WorldHomelessnessDay 10th October at @Official_NCFC. Together we can tackle #homelessness in our city. @The_CEOSLEEPOUT…

A reminder that our next #Fundraising Sale, kindly supported by @bigyellowss, is on Saturday 28th September 11am -1pm at West Park in #WestBridgford See you there 👍 #Nottingham

test Twitter Media - A reminder that our next #Fundraising Sale, kindly supported by @bigyellowss, is on Saturday 28th September 11am -1pm at West Park in #WestBridgford
See you there 👍

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