Our Services

Facilities Available

Open sessions from 9am to 1pm on:


During these times the following is available:
Filled Rolls
Nutritious Meals from 12 noon – cost £1

• Confidential Welfare Guidance
• Practical Assistance
• Access to IT Suite 9.30am-12.30pm
• Someone to talk to
• Shower and Laundry Facilities
• Coffee, Tea, Squash and Biscuits freely available
• Table Games and books

Sunday Evening Fellowship
8pm to 9pm

Or by appointment at other times

• Confidential Welfare Guidance
• Practical Assistance
• Someone to talk to

How we do it

By offering the following services:

• Professional Advice and Referral
• GP Surgery
• Homeless Nursing Team
• Employment Support
• Dentistry
• Chiropody
• Optician
• IT Training
• Barber
• Welfare Provision of Nutritious Food, Clothing, Toiletries and Household Items
• Shower and Laundry