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A service user success story:

Kim is working miracles with old furniture

Kim is getting Miami Dolphins Jerseys a bit of a reputation as a miracle worker. He takes old, broken and ripped furniture and transforms it into lovely sofas, tables and cabinets which can be sold on to the public at affordable prices. But in his self-effacing way, he shrugs his shoulders and says: “It’s not rocket science you know!”
Kim has been volunteering with the organisation Re-covered for the past three months for two days a week. He has certainly made his mark there and clearly takes pride in his achievements. At one time he was a skilled glass cutter and glazier trying his hand at double glazed PVC windows, decorative sand blasting (to the rich and famous), antique restoring, French polishing and running his own stained glass windows business. But he fell on difficult times after relationship problems and drinking and found himself in a Salvation Army hostel. It was there that a friend pointed him in the direction of the Friary.
“The Friary got me out of the hostel for a few mornings a week and I decided to kick the drinking on the head. I’d had enough”. Friary helped you him with accommodation, pots and pans, clothing and provided him with a microwave and slow cooker as he had no cooker in his flat. Then they introduced him to Re-covered which is an organisation set up by students from Nottingham University as part of business studies courses.
“The Friary has done so much for me so I wanted to put something back GANATE by volunteering,” he says.
Ann Bremner, general manager, explained that the Friary has been working closely with Re-covered and hopes to be more involved in the future. “It’s a great opportunity for us and we hope kri?iackom it will be of huge benefit,” she said.
Meanwhile, back at the workshop, Kim is working his magic on a small wooden triangular unit with glass doors. “It was smashed to bits but I’ve re-built it and it’s almost done apart from some edging to finish it off,” he says.
He likes to be structured and has put quite a lot of organisation into what he perceived as being a bit chaotic when he arrived. Now the workshop is a re-cycler’s dream. A dust cart comes to take away what can’t be used but Digitaliza??o as Kim says: “Nothing goes on the back of that dust cart until I’ve looked at it to see if it can be viably used.” Feet are saved off settees, washable seat covers removed for covering fabric chairs, cushions used to pad out the van. “The challenge is trying to make something out of nothing which can then be re-sold. If something comes in which cannot be used I strip everything of it and use on another job,” He says.
“I might get chairs in with busted joints so I repair them, sand them down and recover them and get them back into a condition that someone will buy them.”

Re-covered is on Triumph Road in Nottingham and open to the public on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Their aim wholesale jerseys is to provide housing cheap NBA jerseys association tenants with good quality, affordable furniture, to reduce waste and to employ vulnerable adults who are long term unemployed.
Kim says: “I’ve always been in the glass and furniture game so this is ideal for me. It gets me out of the house and I’m very happy doing it. There’s nothing I’d like more than to be in full-time employment but I want to be comfortable and confident in myself before I Canl? take that step.”


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