Friary means ‘life’ to me


If cheap nba jerseys it wasn’t for this place I’d be dead by now. Su I had cancer of the liver and Kim’s they got cheap jerseys me internet through it. I’d be six feet under without Friary – they helped me that much. I owe my life to Friary.

I got a flat because I needed a stable place to live because of the treatment. Friary helped me kit it out with pots and pans and Bundle everything wholesale mlb jerseys I needed. All I had to start with was a curtain and a concrete floor.

Friary helped me endlich keep my head above water gives and stopped me being admitted into hospital. It’s a cheap nfl jerseys Godsend. They used to have a big cheap mlb jerseys van for the furniture project but that’s closed down now. A lot of people are disappointed that they don’t do that any more.


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