Chocolate and Cereal Bars


Chocolate bars and Cereal bars are essential items when you are a rough sleeper. These nutritious and safe snacks (safely stored out of a fridge) can sustain someone who is sleeping rough, lacking in energy and unable to cook for themselves. Let’s face it a treat does us all good so imagine what it does for someone who may have lost everything.  Next time you’re shopping at the supermarket pop a chocolate bar into your basket and donate at our Drop-in on Musters Road. Or order online and have some delivered straight to 46 Musters Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 7PR c/o Ann Bremner – General Manager:

KITKAT multi packs:

MARS multi packs:

SNICKERS multi packs:

CEREAL BARS multi packs:

Your generosity is greatly appreciated, thank you.