If you are running a reverse Advent hamper scheme this year on behalf of the Friary, please share this list of items we need most, thank you for your help:

Men’s Boxer shorts (Medium)


Snacks – chocolates, cereal bars, crisps (high energy, easy to store out of the fridge}

Biscuits ( Kitkats, Penguin, Mars bars etc.,)

Bottled water

Cartons of juice

Shaving foam & razors

Wet wipes

Tinned fruit

Tinned meat (Spam, Corned beef, Ham,  Chilli con carne)

Tinned fish (Tuna, Sardines)

Tinned Puddings (Rice pudding, sponge Pudding, Custard)


Trainers (Men’s size 8,9, & 10)

Men’s Joggers (Medium)


One man tent

Bicycle lock.

Batteries AA & AAA


Share this link: Reverse Hamper 2021 list