Vale of Belvoir Rotary Club helps the rehoused homeless by providing home starter packs

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  • Vale of Belvoir Rotary Club helps the rehoused homeless by providing home starter packs


THE VALE OF BELVOIR ROTARY CLUB helps the rehoused homeless


The Vale of Belvoir Rotary  in conjunction with Rotary District 1220 are working  with two local charities, The Friary and Tara’s Angels  who are involved in rehousing the homeless.


It is worth noting that the situation regarding homelessness has changed dramatically since the beginning of the pandemic. More people who are currently homeless are seeking their own accommodation but have no possessions whatsoever to help them make and sustain the change long term.  Rotary have provided a starter pack which will be given to those moving into their own accommodation for the first time after being homeless


Rotary have supplied twenty Starter packs (Ten to each Charity) to help those people who have been granted accommodation. These items will help the homeless person to transition into being able to living sustainably, become self-sufficient and reduce the dependence on donated meals


Each box contains basic cooking utensils, saucepans, cutlery, crockery etc to the value of £50 per box donated


The two charities concerned are


The Friary Drop In

The Friary are a long established  charity (1988) helping the homeless whose slogan is


Working locally to end homelessness”


The Vale of Belvoir Rotary Club has supported The Friary for more than three years now by organising and manning a Giant Jumble Sale of surplus donated goods. Obviously, in 2021, this will not be possible therefore alternative ways of support have been sought

A quote from the Friary website


Our mission is to help homeless and vulnerable adults to rebuild their lives by offering practical and health services, advice, and emotional support. Our commitment is to help people individually by offering advice and support which is accessible and free to anyone who needs it. We achieve this by the ongoing financial support, food, clothing and practical item donations and hours of personal time given by our local community.



Friary CEO Ben Talbot has confirmed how important these practical items will be to those moving into accommodation.


The donation of the starter packs from the Vale of Belvoir Rotary Club has come at just the right time. Supporting people off the streets and into temporary accommodation has been one of the few positives of the pandemic. The next stage is supporting them into more permanent housing. Providing kitchen utensils, plates, saucepans etc helps a house to feel like a home immediately. Thank you to all involved at the Rotary for this creative and hugely valuable donation’



Tara’s Angels

Tara’s Angels was set up in response to and named after a  lady from West Bridgford who was murdered in 2016 by her partner leaving three young children. They help mothers and children escape abusive relationships by finding refuge accommodation for them. However, at some point, the mother and children will need to leave the refuge to restart their lives. At this point these mothers and children are technically  homeless. Accommodation will be found for them, but as in the Friary scenario, they have nothing, and the provision of a Starter Pack will help them transition into being self-sufficient and again reduce the dependence on donated meals, particularly with young children

Our Club has already supported Tara’s Angels through donations of food and money and collected goods

The benefits of this initiative are that it will:

  • Help those involved to sustain a more independent and self-sufficient lifestyle.
  • Improve the quality of their lives.
  • Reduce the dependence on donated meals.

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