February Adventures at Our Allotment

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  • February Adventures at Our Allotment

February at our allotment has been a month filled with diverse activities, from indulging in hearty meals to engaging in creative pursuits. Here’s a glimpse into what we’ve been up to:

Gardening: Despite the chilly weather, we’ve been busy preparing our allotment for the upcoming growing season. We’ve been planting seedlings in our greenhouse, clearing away debris, and turning over the soil in anticipation of spring.

Culinary Delights: February has been a month of culinary exploration at our allotment, whipping up delicious meals like stir-fries and hearty. Of course, we couldn’t let Shrove Tuesday pass without indulging in some pancake flipping fun! Our allotment pancakes were topped with homemade preserves from last season’s fruit harvest, making for a truly satisfying treat.


Creative Endeavours: Between gardening and cooking, we’ve also found time to nurture our creative sides. Drawing portraits with each of us capturing the essence of our fellow allotmenteers and the natural beauty surrounding us. It’s a wonderful way to unwind and express ourselves.

Games Galore: To add some laughter to our allotment trips, we recently hosted a games day in our roomy greenhouse. Jenga towers teetered precariously as we tested our balance and strategy, while rounds of Pictionary had us guessing and giggling in equal measure. It was a fantastic opportunity to bond and take a well-deserved break from our labours.

As March brings a brighter front, we look back on the previous month with gratitude for the abundance of experiences our allotment has provided us. It’s been a month filled with warmth and joy despite the lingering winter chill. We can’t wait to see what March has in store for us as we continue to cultivate our little slice of paradise.